Stonewater Control Systems provides network-based remote communication and control platforms for monitoring, managing and controlling critical system data.

Stonewater is a leader in providing distributed networking technology for scalable monitoring, control and notification solutions.

Stonewater's managed platforms, Control1st® and Energy1st®, offer practical solutions for energy management, homeland security and military defense with real-time monitoring and control of environmental sensors and infrastructure meters. By aggregating hundreds of widely distributed points of information on a single screen, Stonewater gives customers an unprecedented view into their enterprises for complete situational awareness.

Industrial companies, utilities and major government agencies use Stonewater's technology. Stonewater actively partners with consultants, integrators and equipment manufacturers to deliver customized solutions for each client.

News & Events

October 15, 2012

Stonewater Control Systems and Kontek Industries Partner with Sandia Labs to Pioneer "Smart Barrier" Integrated Perimeter Security Solution

Kontek Industries (Kannapolis, NC) and their subsidiary, Stonewater Control Systems (Kannapolis, NC), have entered into a cooperative research and development agreement with Sandia National Laboratories (Albuquerque, NM) to jointly develop and evaluate an integrated perimeter security solution, one that couples access delay with detection and assessment. This novel perimeter solution is designed to be sufficiently flexible for implementation at a wide range of facility types, from high security military or government installations to commercial power plants, to industrial facilities of various kinds. A prototype section of barrier has... more